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via Rob Juillard "The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity." - Mike Stachura #ConduitChurch

BEN AFFLECK vs BILL MAHER Heated Debate over Radical ISLAM

When Bill Maher attacks Christianity, which he does regularly, Ben Affleck is silent.  CNN says nothing.  The media at large yawns.  

When Maher attacks Islam Ben Aflleck blows a gasket.  CNN runs op ed pieces in support of Islam.  The media goes into a hyper drive. 

Can you say.. incongruous?

Excited to share my interview with Majed El Shafie with Conduit Church tomorrow. The winter is coming to Iraq. A humanitarian crisis is unfolding. What can we do as a


If social media were around the day King David was exposed for his sin, I wonder what news feeds would have looked like.

Watching World At War on History Channel with Ethan. Me: "when we dropped the nukes the world changed" Ethan "whoa, spoiler alert!"

First opportunity to walk through answers to the questions our students are asking. At @conduitchurch No questions off the table. Teaching our kids to think for themselves. Photo credit @saritajoy


Proverbs 11:14"Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety." Notice that it doesn't say a multitude of opinions. If Facebook has


Couple students from FSSD in Franklin told me tonight that a teacher is teaching what she says are inaccuracies in Genesis. ie Farming wasn't invented at the time of Cain


1. Does it need to be said? 2. Does it need to be said right now? 3. Does it need to be said right now by me?

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